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The Learn Twice Special Initiative connects teams that participate in SAE’s Collegiate Deign Series (CDS) competitions with teachers who use the A World In Motion (AWIM) program by having the teams volunteer to support the teacher in their implementation of one of the AWIM challenges in the classroom. In return for their participation the CDS team will be reimbursed for the registration fee to their CDS event after they complete their volunteer commitment in the classroom, which is a minimum of 30 total hours by the team members.

If you have contacts at some area schools, you should pass along our web site info and they can review the challenges that we offer and possibly determine what they would like to do and feel free to pass my information along to them if they have additional questions. Some of our challenges have around 10 lessons that if taught every day for 45 minutes could be covered in three weeks, others have 40 lessons that might take as long as eight weeks; regardless of which challenge the teacher chooses your commitment wouldn’t be affected. If requested we will provide training, probably in the form of WebEx’s, for your team and the school involved and supply the kit(s) to the school free of charge.

The CDS team will document the dates, hours, and names of CDS Team participants and the cooperating teacher will verify the participation. When you get a school /teacher to work with they can order the kit(s) using the link listing you as the partner.

Hope that this helps and feel free to contact [email protected] if you need anything else

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