Sample Formula SAE Cost Reports
These Cost Reports are presented only as un-judged examples for your reference.   Neither the organizers nor the teams that allowed their reports to be released make any claims concerning either the accuracy or completeness of their contents.   We make no statements about how the example reports were evaluated by the judges, nor give any guarantees about how future reports patterned after these examples might be judged.
These reports are made possible by the generous donation of the teams of the University of Akron and Cornell University.
Technical drawings were removed by the FSAE Rules Committee, even though the teams were willing to share them.  It was decided the educational value of the reports, as examples to other teams, did not require the technical drawings to be presented.  The location of the drawings was maintained to serve as an example of where the information was presented.
Thank you again to The University of Akron and Cornell University.  If other teams are willing to share their cost reports please contact Bill Riley care of