2017-2018 Rules Clarifications to be added as Addendum

Published 04/4/2017

T5.1.3 Harness Replacement


SFI harnesses expire two (2) years after their date of manufacture, and are not acceptable for use in FSAE after that time.


The 2016 FSAE rules correctly indicated that SFI harness belts expire two years after manufacture. This is based on SFI regulation 16.1 published by SFI Foundation Inc.

The 2017 FSAE rules (shown via http://www.fsaeonline.com/content/2017-18%20FSAE%20Rules%209.2.16a.pdf) contained an error at T5.1.3, indicating that SFI harness belts would be acceptable for a longer period. This is not correct, and is not supported by SFI.


Therefore, we hereby announce that the 2016 FSAE version of T5.1.3 will continue to be upheld FSAE for competition year 2017: “SFI spec harnesses must be replaced following December 31st of the 2nd year after the date of manufacture as indicated by the label.”

We will also correct the error in the rules document, and issue an updated 2017 FSAE Rules edition soon.

Furthermore, SFI changed its guidelines on harness labeling during 2014, and new harnesses certified to SFI 16.x may show a date (month and year) of expiration, instead of a date of manufacture. This simplifies the situation for FSAE: SFI harnesses that show a date of expiration are not acceptable after the expiration month and year shown on their certification labels.

(This clarification has no impact on harnesses certified to FIA standards.)

We extend our apologies to any teams negatively impacted by this necessary clarification.

-FSAE Rules Committee

Published 01/20/2017

Shoulder Harness

T5.4.2 is an error in the published rules, it should read:

"T5.4.2 Bent Shoulder Harness Mounting Bars are required to have bracing members attached at the bends and to the Main Hoop. Material for this bracing must meet the requirements of T3.4.1 “Shoulder Harness Mounting Bar Bracing.” The included angle in side view between the Shoulder Harness Mounting Bar and the braces must be no less than 30 degrees."

There is no requirement to prove the strength of the braces, they must be 1"x0.047" r equivalent.

Published 01/09/2017

2017 Approved Transponders
Per Formula SAE Rule T12.1.3, the following transponder types are approved for the Formula SAE 2017 events in Michigan and Lincoln:

  • AMB / MyLaps TranX260 transponders (red color)
  • MYLAPS X2 Car/Bike transponders

If you own a functional AMB MyLaps TranX260 it does not need to be replaced.
The MX (orange color) or X2 MX transponders used by the Baja SAE events will not work with the Formula SAE timing system.