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This is NOT where you register your team to attend a competition.  For that, see the SAE registration site.

This site IS for:

  • Submitting documents for competition
  • Accessing / reading competition submissions from teams
What you need before signing up:

For each type of user below, please make sure you have the corresponding information readily available before starting this process.

  • Team Captains  (Note: You only need this info the first time in order to estabilish your affiliation to your school & team.)
    • Your School Name (and Team Name, if applicable)
    • Your Confirmation Number you received when registereing for a competition that will occur THIS season
  • Team Members
    • Your School Name (and Team Name, if applicable)
  • Report Readers and Judges
    • The Competiton Name and Event Name for which you are juding reports from the teams
  • Competiton Organizers
    • Signup with no affiliations and then email your username to [email protected] and request to be affiliated
  • Volunteers helping on-site at a competition
    • Do NOT sign up here; signup on the competition-specific website or contact the competition organizer directly

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