Fuel Orders for Formula SAE Series

4/7/2021 3:23:44 PM   FormulaSAE Series

As the Formula SAE Validation Events planning continues, so begins the request for teams to submit fuel orders to SAE. Understanding teams have not made the financial commitment to Formula SAE Nevada yet and that Formula SAE Michigan new dates are not official, we are still moving forward with capturing fuel orders.

As in past years, we are asking all teams to please provide via email to [email protected] the following details NO LATER than May 1st for both Formula SAE Michigan & Formula SAE Nevada:

  • University Name
  • Team # for assigned validation event
  • Validation event registered
  • Fuel Choice: 93, 100, E-85

NOTE: If competing in Formula SAE Nevada there will be no 93 available and instead teams will be given 91.