The 2020 Formula SAE Rules Version 1.0 are now published online under the Series Resources

8/12/2019 8:56:29 AM   FormulaSAE Series

A few of the changes in the Formula SAE 2020 rules (not a complete list!):

  • The Chassis and Structural rules are now in their own Section F. This also includes related items previously in the IC and EV sections. Please review this section, as some detail requirements within it have changed. Note there are changes in how tubing sizes are defined, Side Impact, Front Chassis Protection, EV Accumulators and Mounting, Triangulation and Bracing.

  • Items which received multiple Rules Questions or needed to be updated for current practices. These include Cockpit Template checks, Firewalls, Driver Template and Driver Seat position, Head Restraint, and Electronic Throttle Control.

  • And many minor changes to improve the format, readability, and use.

Additional changes have been made since the public review. Please DELETE all Draft versions to prevent confusion.

A comprehensive list of changes is not practical. As a courtesy, there are selected changed items listed at the end of the Table of Contents. This is not a complete list of the changes.

A revision of the Structural Equivalency Spreadsheet (SES) is in progress to incorporate the new Structural rules. You may use the 2019 SES as a guide for your design until the 2020 SES is published. Teams will be required to submit the 2020 template at the time of document deadline.

It continues to be your responsibility to review and comply with the most current rules versions as published. Submit Rules Questions if you need to.

Thank you to the Formula SAE Rules Committee, contributors, and everyone who provided comments on these rules for their input and assistance.

To access the 2020 Formula SAE Rules click here