SES and IAD Document Templates Final 2019 Revision

8/27/2019 3:45:57 PM   FormulaSAE Series

The SES and IAD templates have been updated and should be used by teams competing internationally where this template is required. Per discussion with FSAE-A Organizers, Australian teams should be using the final 2019 documents for their December competition. Newly revised templates can be found online under the Series Resources.

North American teams should expect to see the 2020 templates to be released in the next few weeks, though the 2019 documents are a good starting point in your planning phase. Aside from a directional strength and stiffness calculator for composite layups, the requirements are very similar.

Any teams competing in 2020 North American competitions will be required to use the 2020 template only; any earlier versions submitted for the required deadline will be considered as “not submitted” and accrue penalty points.

If you have any questions, please submit a rules questions via the process or email [email protected] if you do not have an account.