New Technical Inspection Procedure for Formula SAE Lincoln

4/10/2019 1:59:47 PM   FormulaSAE Series

Formula SAE Lincoln will see a new technical inspection process onsite for internal combustion vehicles.

In an effort to ensure all teams are able to go through technical inspection in the first two days SAE staff and Tech Leads are reformatting the technical inspection process. The new process will be an “assembly line” format. The new format will see teams reporting to approximately 10 stations as outlined below:
o Rain tires and driver gear
o Wings and aero
o IC electrical
o Percy and cockpit templates
o Frame
o Suspension and brakes
o Driver restraints
o IC Engine Part 1
o IC Engine Part 2
o Fuel system

Each inspection station will be strictly limited to 10 minutes. Teams will visit all ten stations before exiting the inspection area. If some areas do not inspect everything before the ten minutes are up then team tech sheets will be documented and they will be required to be re-tech at later time. In order to complete all inspection areas in the allowed time, teams are expected to be able to remove covers and panels as needed when requested. Absolutely NO work will be allowed on the car in the inspection stations. This ensures the assembly line keeps moving and all teams are able to be inspected.

Safety and consistency remain our highest priority and with this new format we believe we will achieve that while efficiently inspecting cars.

Look for more information and details to be communicated prior to competition.