6/23/2020 3:00:00 PM   FormulaSAE Series

The Collegiate Design Series and SAE International thanks you for your participation in the 2020 Formula SAE Virtual Event!

Thank you to everyone who attended the Formula SAE Virtual Event last week! Congratulations to all of our teams on a job well done this season!

Virtual Noise Test - New Deadline - July 15th:

Due to several requests following our Virtual Noise presentation during the FSAE Virtual event on June 19th, VI-Grade and GT Power would like to extend the opportunity for any additional teams interested in participating to please submit your required files outlined in the event description on your team’s profile under Document Submissions on The new submission deadline is July 15th.

As Gary mentioned in his presentation, this "new" virtual noise test is something SAE is looking to pilot in 2021 as an added bonus for teams to participate in effort to better prepare teams for passing Noise tech onsite as part of a pre-event option for teams to submit files that could be evaluated off simulation results. Teams will receive back a calibrated WAV file with predicted noise levels. This will not be mandatory or anything teams will be disqualified for; it is only to your benefit if you wish to partake. For the 2021 season, we will open the submissions to teams in January/February time frame.

Currently teams need to have GT-Power Model, but VI-Grade is open to exploring other simulation tools teams use. Please email [email protected] or [email protected] for additional suggestions. Due to conversation with participating students, VI-Grade is already making connections with Ricardo Wave as another possible simulation software as well.

Award Checks:

The CDS coordinator staff will begin reaching out to the teams that achieved a monetary award this season in July. Keep an eye out in your email for more information if you are one of those teams.

Feedback Surveys:

We value your feedback. All team members that participated in the virtual event will be emailed a survey link this week. Please be encouraged to share your feedback so that we can learn and grow from it - positive and constructive criticism welcome.

Giveaway Shipments:

When it is safe to return to the office, we will begin packing up and shipping your DS SolidWorks t-shirts and other giveaway items! Don't forget to fill out the survey so that we know where to send your stuff! We will be sure to share on the news feed when the packages officially go out in the mail!