SES Templates, Submissions and More

12/7/2020 9:00:00 AM   FormulaSAE Series

For the 2021 Formula SAE Validation Events, teams are welcome to submit or modify the same SES document they used for the 2020 season. Teams who were approved in 2020 and have no changes, we recommend you submit exactly the same document, except make sure to update contact information and competition numbers.

Our SES volunteers’ goal is to reply to all teams after the deadline in the shortest time yet.

Below are a few More Things to Note:

  1. The option for 2019 Upper Side Impact height is still available in 2021.

  2. Aluminum equivalence may be used in the Steel Tube SES for Anti-Intrusion Plates, EV Rear Impact, or Accumulator Containers and Mounting.
    Steel can be used for any part of the frame in the Monocoque/Hybrid/Non-Ferrous SES.

  3. One SES is filled out per car.
    If your team has an older eligible car running at an early competition, and a new car at a later competition, a 2020 or 2021 SES for both is needed.
    Both are due on the deadline.
    Upload one and supply a link to the other in a comment.

  4. Rule IN.8.1
    Bring an ELECTRONIC copy of the approved SES to Tech Inspection.
    It is your responsibility to bring a functioning tablet or laptop.
    Have backup equipment and files ready to go.

  5. Make sure to fill out all tabs, including Welded Inserts and Bolted Members, even if your chassis does not use these.
    EV specific sections are switched to N/A for IC teams.
    Any SES that has a missing tab, broken formatting, or was unlocked will be rejected.
    The SES will REJECT for removing any tab except for a composite three-point test.
    Missing tabs cannot be re-inserted into the SES.

  6. Teams are welcome to split up the SES among sub-teams, but a fresh copy needs to be filled out to submit for review.
    If another program is preferred, make sure it does not cause any of these conditions in Excel. Otherwise, fill out a fresh copy in Excel.

  7. Before the deadline, updated files may be submitted at any time.
    After the deadline, if your team needs to update the SES before reviews start, write a comment requesting a rejection on your team's SES page on FSAEonline.
    Wait until the document is rejected before uploading the update.
    This will stop the website from reporting your SES late.
    After your SES is rejected or reviewed at least once, updates may be submitted at any time.

  8. FAQs can be found here -