Virtual Event Update

3/31/2020 3:00:00 PM   FormulaSAE Series

The staff here at SAE International and the Collegiate Design Series (CDS) are extremely sympathetic to the current non-traditional student experience almost every university is facing and the fact that conventional education has been turned on its head. Just as there is a need to continue your degree studies off-campus, we recognize there may be frustration surrounding our decision to shift the 2020 events onto a virtual platform. We completely understand that this change removes an aspect of the events that we all love.

As a community, we felt that it would be unfair of us to simply postpone or cancel our traditional events. We felt that postponing would give students and volunteers a false sense of hope at a time when the country and world is already in a state of such uncertain and unpredictable flux. A full cancellation would be just as detrimental as we have many students relying on the completion of the components of each event for course credit and capstone projects.

While we completely understand that virtual Formula SAE is not something that anyone had planned when the season began, we hope that teams can join us in this opportunity to come together as a community and benefit from an educational experience that has been tailor made to meet the evolving needs of students and sponsors alike.

What students can expect from the 2020 Virtual Formula SAE event:

  • modified static events
  • interaction with knowledgeable judges and industry mentors
  • industry and sponsor recruiting opportunities
  • a variety of Sponsor Skillshop sessions
  • keynote presentations and discussions from leaders within the engineering community
  • breakout sessions on various Formula SAE topics
  • the ability to earn points as an individual from various virtual activities to compete against fellow teammates and other Formula SAE students on a digital leaderboard for prizes, cash, and more!
  • be included in a raffle of FREE registration passes for the 2021 season

Our team here at SAE International has been working diligently to try to define exactly what that virtual Formula SAE experience will now look like. Although our initial silence may have been interpreted negatively, we have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to build something in which that students will find great educational value. We plan to communicate updates on a weekly basis every Tuesday as we continue to build out the details of 2020 Formula SAE Virtual event. As more information regarding the 2020 Formula SAE virtual event becomes available, we will be sure to update the newsfeed at