Formula SAE Registration Infographic

8/20/2019 6:53:27 AM   FormulaSAE Series

There will be three key registration windows for the upcoming 2020 season for Formula SAE.
• Pre-Registration Window will open Monday, October 7th at 8:00 AM EDT and will close at 9:00 AM EDT on Monday, October 14th EDT
• Registration Window 1 will open: Wednesday, October 16th at 10:00 AM EDT and will close on Tuesday, October 29th at 11:59 PM EDT
• Registration Window 2 will open two weeks after window 1: Wednesday, October 30th at 10:00 AM EDT- Wednesday, November 27th at 11:59 PM EDT

Pre-Registration Clarification: If a university placed top 10 in multiple events (or won a pre-registration pass in a 2019 on-site raffle), they CAN pre-register for multiple events. Teams will no longer have to choose just one to pre-register for if they earned multiple pre-registration slots. However, if a university earns a pre-registration slot for only one or two events and takes advantage of this opportunity, they will be locked out from registering for a second or third event until after the 2-week waiting period. To be clear, the ONLY way that a university can enter Registration Window 1 with one or more registration slot secured, is if they earn one or more pre-registration slots (top 10, on-site raffle, etc.). After the 2-week waiting period any university can register at any competition they’ve not yet registered for without any restriction. If a university earns one or more pre-registration pass(es) and wishes to NOT take advantage of this opportunity, they can forfeit their pass(es) and enter Registration Window 1 with no restrictions.

The SAE International Collegiate Design Series staff is hopeful that these new process changes will give every university wishing to participate a greater chance of getting into at least one event. We welcome feedback ([email protected]) and hope that you appreciate the efforts that we’re making to improve upon the Formula SAE online registration process. The dates and times for each series’ Registration Window 1 and Registration Window 2 will be announced soon. Please stay tuned to the newsfeeds and social media for additional announcements as we approach the 2020 season.

Registration Restrictions: During Registration Window 1, universities will have the opportunity to attempt to register for ONE Formula SAE competition of their choice per class. This can be for the registration list or waitlist of any of the three 2020 Formula SAE events. Universities will be unable to register for a second or third event (registration OR waitlist) until Registration Window 2 opens, i.e. after the 2-week waiting period has expired. Please note that a waitlist will not open until after the registration list for that event has filled/sold out. Once Registration Window 2 opens any university can register at any competition they’ve not yet registered for. Pre-registration universities will also be locked out during the 2-week waiting period for any event that they have not already pre-qualified and pre-registered for.