2020 Formula SAE Rules V2.1 Released

1/7/2020 12:30:04 PM   FormulaSAE Series

2020 Formula SAE Rules V2.1 Released

Due to a change in the 2020 Electric Systems Form template, a revision of the 2020 Formula SAE rules has been published.

The template previously was required in a Word file format; however in early December, Formula SAE released the new template design modeled after the successful SES template. The ESF is now an Excel file format.

Website submission areas for this required document have been updated. The publication of the rules was our last step.

For Electric teams who have not started working on their ESF document, we do have available online a recorded WebEx where our key volunteer walks teams through on how to complete the document; in addition to answering some student team questions who participated in the live WebEx. You can find that link here. There is also a link online to a completed ESF template example file.