Motorsports Day at SAE WCX19 on April 11th

4/4/2019 11:11:55 AM   FormulaSAE Series

Thursday, April 11, 2019, is a day at WCX19 which may interest students participating in SAE International's Collegiate Design Series competitions who have an interest in Motorsports Engineering. WCX19 will be hosted at COBO Hall in Detroit, Michigan.

On that morning, there will be a Motorsports Engineering session with a keynote address on the Ford GT Racing Program by Alex Gerhke, University of Wisconsin-Madison Formula SAE alum and Kevin Groot, both from Ford Performance. Followed by some engineering education paper presentations written by Formula SAE students and faculty.

Then in the afternoon there is an aerodynamic session with some Formula SAE related papers being presented.

Attendance of these sessions are encouraged and are free for students.

Below is the full schedule:

Morning Session – CDS, Motorsports & Engineering Education - Room # 331B

8.30 am Keynote Address, “The Ford GT Racing Program”
Alex Gehrke, Kevin Groot, Ford Performance

9.30 am Paper # 2019-01-1127 - “Optimizing Performance and Fuel Efficiency for a Formula SAE Car”
Robert C. Frederick, Brandon Dixon, University of Alabama

10.00 am Paper # 2019-01-1126 - “Assessment of a Three-Semester Mechanical Engineering Capstone Design Sequence Based on the SAE Collegiate Design Series”
James A. Mynderse, Liping Liu, Andrew Gerhart, Xin Xie, Wuming Jing, Kingman Yee, Lawrence Technological University

10.30 am Paper # 2019-01-1125 - “Analyzing the Limitations of the Rider and Electric Motorcycle at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Race”
Lennon Rodgers, Mark Jeunnette, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Ryan Biffard, Zero Motorcycles Inc.; Björn Möller, KTH Royal Institute of Technology; Eric Wu, Eric Wu Engineering; Koen Matthys, Brunel University

Written Only Paper # 2109-01-1128 - “Developing a Track Simulation Tool for Formula Student Race Cars Using Python”
Sherif Khedr, Hashim Elzaabalawy, Mohamed Abdelaziz, Ain Shams University

Afternoon Session - Vehicle Aerodynamics - Room # 250A

1.00 pm Paper # 2019-01-0647 - “Experimental and Computational Study of the Flow around a Stationary and Rotating Isolated Wheel and the Influence of a Moving Ground Plane”
Eleanor Rajaratnam, Duncan Walker, Loughborough University

1.30 pm Paper # 2019-01-0658 - “A Qualitative and Quantitative Aerodynamic Study of a Rotating Wheel inside a Simplified Vehicle Body and Wheel Liner Cavity”
Donnell Johnson, General Motors

2.00 pm Paper # 2019-01-0652 - “Increasing the Aerodynamic Performance of a Formula Student Race Car by Means of Active Flow Control”
Ben Steinfurth, Arne Berthold, Steffen Feldhus, Frank Haucke, Julien Weiss, TU Berlin (Technical University)

2.30 pm Paper # 2019-01-0641 - “Fine Tuning the SST k − ω Turbulence Model Closure Coefficients for Improved NASCAR Cup Racecar Aerodynamic Predictions”
Chen Fu, Charles Bounds, Mesbah Uddin, Christian Selent, University of North Carolina

3.00 pm Paper # 2019-01-0643 - “Safety and Lateral Dynamics Improvement of a Race Car Using Active Rear Wing Control”
Mohammed Hammad, Khizar Qureshi, Yuping He, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

3.30 pm Paper # 2019-01-0650 - “On the Relationship between the Vortices from an Underbody Diffuser in Ground-Effect and the Resulting Downforce”
Salvador Mayoral, Hope Weiss, Ramitha Edirisinghe, California State University