2021 Competition Plan

9/1/2020 3:20:15 PM   FormulaSAE Series


As the world embraces the new reality of the COVID-19 into 2021, SAE International wants to ensure you that we are moving forward with plans to allow continued student engagement in a controlled manner to meet all the necessary precautions of the pandemic and still deliver on strong educational experiences for your teams in 2021.

We know that planning for a typical competition year is not an option based on the following:

  • Academia landscape is reporting over 50% universities resuming the fall semester operating either 100% virtual or with some sort of hybrid model. Spring semesters are either reported as going virtual or TBD.
  • 85% of our teams reported seeing their project funding either secured and now in jeopardy or not being secured.
  • 71 % of the teams have restrictions on budget and lab space set by the university
  • 45% of our teams may be unable to participate onsite in the spring/summer due to being located outside of the United States border.
  • 28% of teams already are aware of a travel ban policy implemented at their university effective until end of Spring 2021 semester.
  • Many sponsors and volunteers’ employers still have a travel restriction ban in place.
  • Local and State guidelines on operating large group gatherings vary in sizes across the country and within the state itself. Currently the largest reported flat number is 250; some venues offer a percentage such as 25% of max capacity or whatever is the smallest number.

Then we must consider items like having to social distance, requiring personal protection equipment, creating plans for contact tracing, temperature checks, COVID-19 safety protocols for onsite operations, etc.

All of that said, we are working on a model to deliver both static and dynamic events at most 2021 competitions!

How will SAE International deliver a competition season for both static and dynamic engagement? Find out the details in the 2021 CDS Competition Plan document available under Series Resources today!

Download your copy of the 2021 CDS plan at www.fsaeonline.com/go/downloads or Download the plan directly by clicking here.