Day of Design Judging Expectations

3/4/2021 3:02:38 PM   FormulaSAE Series

We have been getting several rules inquiries about what to expect for the day of judging, below are some helpful hints:

  1. Design judging will take place this year using website which is based on Zoom software.
  2. As noted in the event description, the goal for the first 15 minutes is for the students to cover the vehicle design efficiently and effectively in as much detail as possible while balancing their time across the different scoring areas. Teams will submit PPT slides ahead of time, in lieu of the traditional design report. Judges will review and become familiar with content. The student team does not need to cover all slides, just highlight particular content they think is worthy of highlighting to the judges.

    The goal for the last 40 minutes will be a breakout session where the different “department heads” (judges) will ask follow-up questions to individual team members about their relative areas of experience and deep dive the student’s technical knowledge and its application to the product offering.

  3. Students will screen share with judges while presenting first 15 minutes and the latter 40 minutes what the students have prepared.
  4. Students are encouraged, if not expected to continue working on vehicle design and come prepared with more details and data to discuss with judges on the day of judging.
  5. Students are not limited to sharing only the files submitted prior to competition. If it is valuable for discussion be prepared to have it on-hand.