Formula SAE Lincoln / FSAE Electric Drivers Action Required

6/14/2019 10:44:00 AM   FormulaSAE Series

New in 2019, Formula SAE has introduced RFID driver wristbands for student drivers competing at our Formula SAE Michigan and Formula SAE Lincoln / Formula SAE Electric competitions. SAE has worked with our developer DES to design and build a smart wristband system for use at competitions this year which will allow tech inspection volunteers to provide a programmable smart chip wristband to all students who have passed the driver egress tests in order to drive the competition vehicle. This is only a pilot for 2019; however we got excellent results at Michigan.

The system aims to track and improve driver meeting attendance, provide quick access to driver’s emergency and medical information and enable SAE staff to make better decisions by improving operational knowledge about drivers at competition.

Student wristbands will be scanned at every required driver meeting and before crossing the start line at dynamic events. *We understand for the first driver’s meeting only one driver has received a wristband at tech inspection; that is ok but we still expect all drivers to attend.

To ensure this year runs smoothly, student drivers with accounts on will see a link under their Team Member Profile titled: My FSAE DriverPass Information. Drivers need to complete the required information prior to competition. Completing this step early will save you time at tech inspection once you pass your egress test as Tech Inspection volunteers will be able to easily program your wristband before giving it to you. By completing your required information prior to the competition, this also increases the accuracy of you as the driver being correctly affiliated to your team.