Weekly Event Update - 5/5

5/5/2020 6:02:19 PM   FormulaSAE Series

Virtual Noise Update:

Virtual Noise Event description has been added to the handbook (version 05.05.2020). This is an optional event for teams to participate in. SAE is working with Vi-Grade and Bruel &Kjaer on this opportunity. Students can send their GT power models if they have them. The sponsors could play them in their NVH simulator and get the radiated noise to get the predicted dBC levels at half meter. The sponsors will supply feedback to the schools who participate. Teams can then take the data and plot or design their mufflers accordingly for future competition noise rules.

Cost Event Update:

Real Case Scenario topic regarding Cost Reduction is still undetermined as completing of cos report review needs to be completed. This should be made available to teams next week if selecting that option out of the 6 available.

ESF Review 1:1 Update

Teams are continuing to sign up. Appointments for those teams signing up for this weekend, Sat May 9th will be getting WebEx invite no later than Thursday sent individually to the team member who signed up online at EventBrite.com

Virtual Presentation Tips Document

For teams who have not had to make a PowerPoint (PPT) slide deck previously, SAE has created a PPT to help provide some guidance as we move to the virtual event. This guide can be found online in Series Resources under the 2020 Virtual Event Docs folder.

WebEx Document

We are currently working on providing tips/guidance for using WebEx platforms that we will be utilizing for the static judging. That should be available by next week.