2019 Formula SAE Presentation Concept Released

2/25/2019 8:26:08 AM   FormulaSAE Series

The Presentation Concept for the 2019 Formula SAE Series has been released and is now available under Series Resources.

When the rules were published for the 2019 competition season, the rules committee purposely removed the Business Logic Case required document as well as no longer specified production targets. The change in regards to the Presentation event objective was written with ambiguity allowing us to develop different concepts for each competition season or for each competition within a season.

With the implementation of this new concept for 2019, all three Formula SAE locations will be using the same concept. Each team will create and present to the judges the same business concept.

Teams should also recognize this year that the scoresheet has been revised and some categories weighted more heavily.

The presenation concept is also listed below for you to reference:

2019 Sales Presentation Concept

Your company {insert company name} is currently supplying FSAE cars for weekend autocross enthusiasts across the country at a rate of 50 cars delivered to customers per month. Due to your company’s success over the last 7 years, class rate at the national autocross events has increased by 150% and local events have increased by 200% making it the largest class at almost any given autocross event over the same time period. This has forced the attention of key members of the national karting series and because of the reliability and driver oriented nature of the {insert company name} cars; a vote has taken place and karting tracks around the country will now have a FSAE class to go along with the Lo206, Rotax, and shifter classes starting with the first race at each track in the 2020 calendar year. You (as senior management) at {insert company name} have been tasked to address how this news will affect the organization and make a 10-minute presentation at the annual stock holders meeting with the proposed company actions.

Additional Information:

  • Already supplying cars across the country via an established dealer network
  • Oldest cars are 7 years old
  • Current build capacity is 55 cars per month
  • Stock holders consist of personnel from every background (engineering, manufacturing, sales, marketing, materials…etc.) and varying amounts of experience in respective fields
  • Due to past growth your company currently has only enough cash to cover current operations, so any expenses incurred to increase capacity will require additional financing.