Weekly Event Update - 4/28

4/28/2020 6:02:04 PM   FormulaSAE Series

Formula SAE Updates

Cost event description has been added to the Virtual Handbook

  • Detailed information is supplied for how the event will operate.
  • Also included and created on fsaeonline.com is a new document submission requirement for Real Case Scenario. Teams are given 6 options for the Real Case Scenario however only need to pick one and prepare for one.
  • We are asking teams to submit their 1 – 2 page summary by May 15th with an absolute date of June 5th for judge’s review.

Presentation event description has a revision

  • We are asking teams to submit their Business Presentation PPT online under their document submission area on fsaeonline.com. We have created a new document submission for this requirement. We are asking teams to submit a draft by May 15th with the understanding that a final draft can be submitted up to the day of your team’s assigned presentation time.

ESF Review 1:1

  • Teams who are eligible will be receiving an email this week from SAE requiring them to sign up for their feedback session. Once confirmed, a WebEx appointment will be sent connecting the team and EV Tech Lead.

Below are just a few presentations to highlight that we will plan to host during our large virtual event to take place after the static judging:

Discussion and feedback on 2021 draft rules and beyond – Presented by Steve Sayovitz, FSAE Rules Chair
Steve will be discussing the process SAE uses for the Formula SAE rules.

Lap Time simulation and Driver-In-Loop simulation – Presented by John Burford, Senior Application Engineer, Vi-Grade, Inc.
John will present to teams how they can use the lap time simulator software to improve their designs, and how teams can use the driver in loop capability to practice driving tracks virtually and make changes based on the feel of driving the course.

Overall Design Review Adventure Presentation – Presented by FSAE Design Event Captains
Design Event Captains will present on design topics in a review presentation and will participate in a panel discussion with participants.

Presentation Feedback Seminar – Presented by FSAE Presentation Event Captains
Presentation Event Captains will present on overall feedback captured from the volunteers and will participate in a panel discussion with participants.