Car Number Information

12/16/2020 1:19:25 PM   FormulaSAE Series

Which Assigned Car Number to Use?

Have you been asking yourself or your teammates which car number you are supposed to use? Well chances are you probably are not alone. This year when SAE divided the competition into two parts, we knew we would face the problem of teams being assigned two numbers.

We apologize in advance if this small task complicates things.
But it is very important you submit your required submissions with the correct assigned number as we will be using those registration lists for scoring of the separate Knowledge and Validations events. Whether your team is registered for just the Knowledge Event or the Knowledge & Validation Event, when your team logs into you will see the events you are registered for. Under each event you will see what documents are required.

Under Knowledge Events you will have the following documents which should be submitted with your assigned Knowledge Event vehicle number:
Presentation Event – Team Overview
Design Review Briefing PPT
Design Spec Sheet
Online Vehicle Cost Report
Real Case Scenario Report

Under the Validation Events you will have the following documents which should be submitted with your assigned Validation Event vehicle number:
SES/IAD Submission
ETC Notice of Intent
ETC FMEA (IC class only if competing with ETC)
Electric Class - FMEA
Electric Class – Electric Systems Form

It is very important you submit the required documents with your assigned vehicle number for the Validation Event. Just like it is important for you show up at competition with the Validation Event assigned vehicle number. We will use those numbers assigned during registration onsite for scoring and technical inspection verification.
Please if you have any comments or concerns during the submission process of your required documents for either Knowledge or Validation Events contact us at [email protected]