Weekly Event Update - 6/09

6/9/2020 8:16:22 PM   FormulaSAE Series

Email Invites - Coming Soon!

Soon all team members successfully added to their team rosters on www.sae.org will be receiving an email invite to the 2020 Formula SAE Virtual Event. If you are not on your fast track roster at this point, stay tuned for updates to the news feed at www.fsaeonline.com/go/news when we are able to share further details.

CDS Gearbox - Closes Tomorrow 6/10

Be sure to get your limited edition Formula SAE 40th Anniversary merch before its gone! The campaign will be closing at 12:00 PM TOMORROW, June 10th, so don't delay!
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WebEx Training Document:

A new WebEx training document has been uploaded to Series Resources to help teams prepare for their design presentations. The document is titled 'Virtual Presentation Tips 4: WebEx Training Platform Instructions for Universities' and can be found in the '2020 Virtual Event Docs' folder at www.fsaeonline.com/go/downloads.

Download Directly Here

Design Presentation Schedule Updated 6-8:

Also, some minor adjustments have been made to the design schedule. Teams with changes have also been notified via email.

You can find the schedule in 2 different places/formats in Series Resources under the 'Virtual Event Docs' folder:

  1. In list format in the updated Virtual Formula SAE Handbook
  2. Download the design scheule matrix from the 'Virtual Design Event' folder

Virtual Event Content

Advance Your Team to Digital Twin Excellence With Siemens Engineering Software

Meet with subject matter experts in the Siemens booth to discuss the skillshop video on how we typically help FSAE teams in aero, suspension, powertrain, composites, data management, PCBs, and wire harness.

Skillshop: Developing Your Technical Legacy (aka Becoming a Formula Hero)

Presenter: Joy Lindsay - Cummins Inc
What gives a Formula racing team a clear competitive advantage? Real levers for success are available and achievable to every team. Building on what has already been learned to gain on other teams is a matter of capturing knowledge and using expertise in a deliberate way. Learning how to do this can:

  1. help your team now
  2. help your team next year
  3. fuel your professional career later.

Skillshop: Engineering Basics of Threaded Fastener Design and Analysis

Presenter: Kyle Kapa
This skill shop will give the basic overview of fastener engineering including design, function, materials, common failure modes and applications. Additionally, a discussion of locking fasteners, why they are needed, the different types of locking fasteners, and how they function will be addressed.

Launch your Career with Blue Origin

Presenter: Heather Nelson - Blue Origin
Heather Nelson, Senior Manager of University Relations from Blue Origin, will give a general overview of ongoing projects at Blue Origin and discuss some tips and tricks on professional etiquette and communication for students when connecting with industry representatives. Heather has 25 years of experience working in both industry and academic environments helping students find their dream jobs in the space industry. Join her to learn some best practices to engage with industry contacts and maybe find your next adventure.

Skillshop: The Digital Twin Methodology Your Future Employer Wants (& the Top European FS Teams Use!)

Presenter: Leigh Anderson
"Dr. Smith explains the key engineering methodologies, Digital Twin & Functional Systems Engineering that your future employers want you to understand. This methodology is also put in actual practice quite rigorously by the top tier European teams, such as Tech U. of Graz and Tech U. of Munich, as well as Global Formula Racing (GFR - in the U.S. & Germany).

Skillshop: Vehicle Modeling Techniques

Presenters: Sam Reinsel & Owen Paul - MathWorks
In this session, you will learn the basics of MATLAB and Simulink and delve into some of the example models. We will present you with some examples where you will learn to create a vehicle model using block diagrams. After exploring the basic model, you will learn how to follow a certain drive cycle using a PID controller.

Going ahead, we will also introduce you to Powertrain Blockset and Vehicle Dynamics Blockset. We will simulate a full vehicle dynamics model undergoing a constant radius maneuver. You can create your own versions, providing a framework to test that your vehicle meets the design requirements under normal and extreme driving conditions. You can also use the reference application for vehicle dynamics ride and handling analysis and chassis controls development, including the dynamic steering response. Further, we will present how to use the unreal engine to visualize and compare results in an intuitive manner.

2021 AeroConnect Challenge Mission Release

Presenter: Allison Hostetler - SAE International
Last year, AeroConnect Challenge teams designed a rapidly deployable UAV to assist fighting California wildfires. This year, AeroTech Americas will be held in Florida and teams will be given a new mission. Join us as we release the 2021 SAE AeroConnect Challenge mission live.