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Impact Testing of Wing Mounts

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We are currently trying to develop our mounting system for our front wing and would like some clarifications on some of the impact-testing and compliance requirements. Our front wing is designed to be ahead of the bulkhead, and it extends beyond the Impact Attenuator.

In rule T3.23.2 it states:

"The front wing and wing supports may be forward of the Front Bulkhead, but may NOT be located in or pass through the Impact Attenuator. If the wing supports are in front of the Front Bulkhead, the supports must be included in the test of the Impact Attenuator for T3.22."

We would like to verify what falls under the category of "wing supports"; we are currently assuming they refer to whatever mounting rods we use to attach the wings to the front of the car. We haven't finished fully designing the supports yet, partly because we want to simplify the mounting system so as to limit the components we'd have to destructively test. Could we be provided with an elaborated list of what qualifies as wing-supports and/or what the actual components we are expected to impact-test are?
In short, if it's not the wing and it is forward of the front bulkhead it should be included in the test. Obviously, some of this hardware will have negligible effect on testing but rather than make a judgement we require all the hardware to be present to understand the impact attenuator performance with the hardware present.
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