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More than 10 (Composite Ply Types x Directions)

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How do teams enter more than 10 unique composite ply materials x directions in the SES?
First step:
All repeats of the same material & aerial weight & orientation go on one line.
i.e. Kevlar 0-degree unidirectional 300g, 3 instances in layup.

If still more than 10 lines:
Use two different composite tabs, outer skin and inner skin.
Directional check type (90, or 60/-60) must be the same for both skins.
The outer skin tab can have the tube test, 3-point, shear, etc.
The inner skin tab only needs the directional check.
Please put in a note about using another tab just for the directional check.
And even put a screenshot of the inner skin directional check on the outer skin tab.

If still more than 10 lines:
Combine materials of the same type and direction, but different areal weights.
i.e. Kevlar 0-degree unidirectional ( 300g x 3 instances + 150g x 2 instances = 1200g x 1 instance)
Include images showing all calculations.
Start from the layup schedule in cell E23 and show the derivation for all entries in E37-M46.
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