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Approved Equivalent IMDs for Competition Year 2023

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Given the supply issues for the Bender ISOMETER® IR155-3203 or IR155-3204, we are struggling to find any IMD that meets EV.8.6. May we use alternate IMDs?
Due to continued supply chain issues for the approved IMDs as listed in the Formula SAE Rules 2023, the Formula SAE Rules committee is allowing the use of alternate IMDs noted below.

The Bender ISOMETER® IR155-3203 or IR155-3204 are still approved and remain valid.

Approved equivalents for the 2023 competition year are the Bender IR425 or Sendyne SIM101MLQ.

The Sendyne SIM100MOD is NOT approved.

Any other proposed IMD must be approved by submitting a rules inquiry.

The Formula SAE Rules committee is open to receiving recommendations on any IMD that meets rules EV8.6. Teams can submit recommendations via rules inquiry. Any interested companies please email Formula SAE Program Manager, Kaley Zundel at [email protected]
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