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Approved Insulation Monitoring Devices (IMD)

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The Formula SAE Rules state that approved equivalent Insulation Monitoring Devices are provided in the Rules FAQ.
What other IMDs are allowed for Formula SAE Electric Vehicles?
Per Formula SAE Rules GR.4.3.2, this FAQ is an official communication of alternatives to the IMD specified in the Formula SAE Rules.

This FAQ will be updated as soon as new IMD are identified or reviewed. Please check for updates

The following IMD have been reviewed:

Approved for Use:
- Bender ISOMETER® IR155-3203 or IR155-3204 (currently listed in the Formula SAE Rules)
- Bender ISOMETER® iso165C-1 – this IMD must not connect to the vehicle CAN bus
- Bender ISOMETER® iso175

NOT Approved:
- Bender ISOMETER® iso165C
- Sendyne/Sensata SIM100MOD
- Sendyne/Sensata SIM100MLP
- Orion BMS IMD

The following IMD are currently under review:

Additional IMDs

- Please provide recommendations on any other IMD that meets rules EV.7.6.
- Any other proposed IMD may be approved by submitting a Rules Question.
- Companies that have IMD that may meet the rules, please email Formula SAE Program Manager, Kaley Zundel at [email protected]
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