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How To Interpret Rules

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How To Interpret Rules?
We try to write the rules so there is a hard line separating OK from NOT OK, with nothing in between.
Ask and try to answer the following questions to understand the rules.

1. What rule are you referring to?
1a. Have you read and worked with all relevant supporting documentation?
Per F.2.3.1 and EV.2.1.2, SES and ESF frequently contain additional information about how rules are implemented.
1b. Check the Tech Inspection sheets as well.

2. What is the intent of the rule?
In other words, why does this rule exist?
2a. Does a deviation from the literal wording reduce safety or strength in any circumstances?
2b. Does a deviation create new worst case scenarios?
2c. Does a deviation create a competitive advantage?

3. How can this rule be easily and quickly inspected for every single team?
3a. Are there interpretations that would give anyone the wrong idea about the intent?

4. Does more than one rule apply to one area?
4a. Sometimes, all rule clauses need to be satisfied.
4b. Sometimes, different rule clauses are different independent options.
4c. If rules seem to be conflict, submit a rules inquiry with the different possible interpretations of the rules, and images of the different designs in question.
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