2020 SES documents now available

10/22/2019 12:41:01 PM   FormulaSAE Series

The 2020 SES documents are now available on FSAEonline under Series Resources. The templates how reside in their own SES Template folder under Technical Inspection.

The revised templates will now see the following included:
• The IAD Impact Attenuator Document is now a tab at the end of each SES.
• EV HV Protection, Containers, and Attachment are now included in each SES and applicable for Electric Vehicles only.

There are two categories for the 2020 SES:
All Steel Tube frames, including steel tube EV cars with steel or aluminum accumulators.
Aluminum equivalance may be used in the Steel Tube SES for Anti-Intrusion, EV Rear Impact, or Accumulator Containers and Mounting.

The Monocoque/Hybrid/Non-Ferrous SES is for all other cars.
Steel can be used for any part of the frame in the Monocoque/Hybrid/Non-Ferrous SES.
F.3.2.2 - Any and all steel grades are assigned the same material properties. No material properties for different grades may be used in the SES.

We understand that some teams like to split up the document or use different programs.
That is not a problem.
However, we cannot accept a submission where the cells have been unlocked.
Make sure to fill out a fresh, intact copy of the SES file once your team has worked everything out.