Weekly Event Update - 4/7

4/7/2020 3:00:00 PM   FormulaSAE Series

2020 Virtual Formula SAE Updates

Event Dates/Operations:

The original three competition locations will be merging into one large virtual event. The 2020 Formula SAE Virtual event will take place in two parts:

1. Static Presentations – scheduled out and hosted on a web-based tool such as WebEx or Zoom in the weeks leading up to the Virtual Event Day. The presentations will take place on a separate day from the rest of the larger virtual event.

2. Virtual Event Day – the event day will consist of the career fair, sponsor skillshops, expert chats and more. We are also planning to work gamification into this event for students to compete against each other for prizes. The date is still TBD at this time based on our continued exploration on finding the right platform. We are currently looking at end of June/early July.

Official Event Descriptions:

We are working hard at confirming all the logistics of how these static events will operate in addition to offering a few new things. Our plan will be to create a Virtual Event Folder under Series Resources where we will post all event descriptions as they become available in addition to announcing as part of our Tuesday communications.

1. Cost Event. We are still working on the logistics of this event and will communicate more soon. In the meantime, teams should make sure to submit their cost report in order to take part of the virtual event. Due to hardcoding in the website teams who have already submitted their report cannot revise or resubmit, but the late submission deadline is being extended to teams who have not submitted yet to April 30th.

2. Design Event. The Design Event Experience sessions will be scheduled for one hour in length and have a similar look and feel to the Design Judging of past years, with a few key considerations, judges will focus on obtaining an overview of the team’s design and build in order to provide good, constructive feedback on those efforts. In contrast to traditional judging, during the virtual event design judges will provide instant feedback to their questions based on team responses. To challenge all participants regardless the current level of vehicle build, questions will range from general to advanced (design finals level) to evaluate the team member knowledge.

Design Reports and Design Spec Sheets are still required submissions and will play an even more vital role if the design event. For that reason, the deadline for all teams has been extended to 11:59 PM EST on April 30th. Teams who have already submitted to meet a deadline may resubmit without any penalty or issue. The format will remain 8 pages as outlined in the rules. Design Event Captains still believe it is a vital exercise for teams to practice distilling technical information into a concise summary is an important skill.

3. Business Presentation. We are still working on the logistics of this judging event and will communicate more soon. In the meantime, teams should continue to plan to present to the current 2020 presentation concept.

4. Tech Inspection Area. Obviously, we will not be able to tech inspect any cars however our lead inspectors are working on providing a technical seminar to help teams with be prepared for tech inspection onsite to ensure smooth experience.

  • ESF Document Reviews will shift to a 1:1 scheduled live feedback time for teams interested. Team members will have ability to chat in real time and get feedback on their submission as well ask questions.
  • SES Document Reviews continue. Many judges who have been reviewing since November have agreed to continue their feedback process with teams until documents are able to be approved or the review process reaches a standstill point due to teams not able to progress. If you are a team not hearing back from your reviewer, please notify us at [email protected] so we can follow up; unfortunately, during this unprecedented time we have had a some volunteers needing to step back.
    At this present time, we hope the 2020 reviews will be a large part of the 2021 approval process. Teams are, of course, free to make design changes and if the SES is affected will simply need to readdress the change in their 2021 submission.

We will continue to update students on a weekly basis every Tuesday at www.fsaeonline.com/go/news. Thank you for your continued support. Stay healthy everyone!